To The ABC Congregation,                                                                                                                Sunday, May 24, 2019


            After prayerful consideration, I have asked the Wednesday night Prayer and Bible Study group to consider the following:


We will be on break from June 19th through August 7th and reconvene Wednesday, August 14th.


This will not affect the Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study or the Women’s Book Study. It also will not affect our Movie Night fellowship or any adjunct ministries within ABC.


Likewise, there will be Prayer groups added on Tuesdays at 10 AM and Fridays at 2 PM starting June 25th and 28th respectively. I want to encourage those prayer warriors to attend one of the prayer meetings through that time.


Moreover, during our break from Wednesday night I want to encourage you to use the Wednesday night time to attend to relationship building with non-believers and fringe believers with whom you may have developed relationships (friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives, etc.) If you do not know of any non-believers, take the time to build relationships with each other within the congregation. Growing our congregation within the kingdom is a responsibility we ALL share.


I want to thank all of you for your support during this time. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


In His Love,


Pastor Mike

Alliance Bible Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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