Visiting Missionaries 

Please come join us February 8th as we will be having an international brunch in honor of  welcoming two of our missionaries Mr & Mrs. Stutler. Hear about some of the things they have been doing in the missions field. Here is some of their ministry responsibilities that they wrote about.

This is Mrs. Stutler's statement.  


This past term my husband Zac and I had the privilege of returning to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to continue to minister in “Alianza” the church we had the privilege of planting our last term. We joined the pastoral team led by Miguel and Keren Rodriguez who were doing an apprenticeship when we first arrived back in 2015 and are now International Workers. It was an exciting term filled with many challenges, great joys, and a great variety of ministries as we saw the young church plant grow into an organized developing church. I worked extensively with women’s ministries in a variety of functions from outreach and discipleship to leadership training. I was able to help organize and speak at many different ladies’ events and outreaches. One of the highlights of the term was creating and giving a 10-week leadership development course for women based on women from the Bible. Many from this course are now in leadership in ministries in Alianza including the women’s ministry. Zac and I also worked together on marriage ministries. We were able to start and lead the couple’s ministry in Alianza. We also developed and led a Marriage Coaching program. Thirteen couples participated in marriage coaching this term. Mentoring and leadership development was part of our ministry. For most of the term I lead the discipleship ministry which involved coordinating classes and mentors. In addition to administration and leadership training in this ministry I lead various women’s discipleship groups. This term I had the great joy of participating in the youth ministry. My main ministry was coaching and mentoring the adult youth leaders, but I also lead a teen discipleship group. Other responsibilities that I had this past term included helping with Children’s outreaches, puppet ministry, developing a greeter’s ministry and pastoral counseling both with people in the church and in the community. I also was able to do a lot of speaking in various ministry contexts this term. Friendship evangelism was also an important part of my ministry. In 2020, we will start a new chapter in our lives. After more than 30 years in the Dominican Republic, we will be moving to Guadalajara, Mexico to be part of the Alliance church planting team there.

So come in to hear more about their story. Look forward to seeing you.

Alliance Bible Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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