Ruby Pina 

Hi my name is Ruby Pina & I really don’t know where to begin with my testimony as I have been through so much in my life.  Having been molested, raped & an abusive mom & stepdads/boyfriends.  I can say as I look back now on things that have happened God was in my life even before I accepted Him in to my life.  We were taught that there was a God, who created all things.  But I don’t recall being taught about Jesus.  We were told if you want to go to heaven you had to be good.  Not that Jesus was the way. In 1997 I decided I wanted to try Meth with my husband.  He had been doing different drugs as long as I knew him and it seemed ok at the time.  I got hooked. Well in 1999 -2000 we got into some trouble & things were not ok anymore.  Richard was looking at some serious prison time.  So we left the state. No surprise they caught up to us.  He went to jail & they were going to extradite him back to AZ.  A friend bought me & the boys bus tickets back to AZ & we were going to stay with some other friends.  Well I was in a bad accident 3 days after I got back due to drugs.  We were going back to the dealer’s house when the brakes gave out as we were turning a corner.  I was told I was throwed at least 50 feet from the jeep into the road & then almost cut in half by the jeep. My friend was stuck in it as it was rolling & she said it was like the hand of God that stopped it right before it would of cut me in half.  I have amnesia from this so I only know what I was told as I was knocked unconsious.  I ended up with fractured ribs, concusion and vertigo.  Keep in mind Richard is still in the other state waiting extradition & knows none of this, because the friend’s husband wasn’t answering Richard’s calls.  Richard finally got to AZ & thank God he only got 3 years probation.  About 1 ½ years into that we started using again. Thankfully he had the probation officer he did.  She saw he had a problem & needed help so he went to jail for 4-1/2 months & then to the Salvation Army Rehab for 6 months.  We learned more about God & Jesus then, as I would go to his Sunday Chapel as often as I could.  I was still using while he was doing all this as I had to go to work & take care of the boys.  Plus hanging around the same people didn’t help.  But I knew I had to quit before he came home.  And yes he knew I was still using.  It had to be my decision to quit.  After he graduated in 2002 we went back there for chapel a couple of times but then quit going.  But we did stay off the drugs.  Skip forward to the year 2007.  My younger sister was drinking & driving & rolled her car off the road killing herself & seriously injuring my neice & nephew.  It was the death of my sister that finally brought us to His Kingdom. We wanted to do a memeorial service for her & we found a church in Avra Valley.   My younger brother & I met with Pastor Bob to find out if we could have it at his church & how much it would be. We told him we didn’t have a lot of money.  He told us we didn’t have to pay anything to him or the church just come to 1 service after the celebration of life & he’d call it good.  Well we went to one & ended up staying there for 7-1/2 years.  Then our pastor reitired & things changed.  Lets just put it that way. Thankfully we had a  good pastor who taught us not to turn your back on God when things are going wrong by people.  So we searched for another church & found Alliance Bible Church thanks to my brother Andrew, as Gene his dad had been going here for quite a few years.  There is more to my story, but I tired to keep it short.  I praise Jesus for all things that have happened in my life as they have made me stronger & who I am today & I know He’s got my back.

Lorna Craft

My name is Lorna Darlene (Rideout) Craft.  I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as a child.  Pastor Warner was my pastor at that time.  I was baptized there at the age of 8 years old.  I went to 1st through 4th grades at Holloway School.


On December 9, 1969 I was riding my bicycle and a truck hit me & drug me about 100 feet.  I went through several surgeries.  I had a severe brain injury and lost all of my memory of my family and friends, but I did remember Jesus Christ – no one else.  Even though it was a painful and a tragic time in my life, my heavenly Father had a purpose for me.  I realized God had been with me through all of it.


I had no memory of the accident or any of the life threatening surgeries I went through to help me recover.  I was in a coma for 3 months and have many internal & external scars, but God’s love and grace brought me through everything.  I had to spend 2 years at the Cerebral Palsy Foundation to learn to walk & talk again.  I was healed from the epileptic seizures caused by the accident in a church service years later.  I am grateful for God’s love and healing of my body.  I’m also grateful to my heavenly Father for all of the good people that God has brought into my life that have helped me.  I believe God has been with me from the time of my accident until now.  I know God has a purpose for us all.  I can’t say more about my awesome God and his greatness.  I am a living testimony. 

Nancy Alger

I don't really know that I ever had an "Ah-ha" moment of turning my life over to the Lord.  As far back as I can remember, when I was a little girl living in Altoona, PA, I have believed in God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  However, after many, many years of not attending any church, I visited Alliance Bible Church to hear my brother-in-law, Pastor Andy Graham, preach a sermon, and I immediately felt like this was the church I had been looking for all my life (The Little Church with a Big Heart).  I have now been a member for almost 10 years, and I love my church family.  What a blessing they are to me!!! ...

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