Our Pastor has moved on to a new season in their lives to Mississippi as of March 8th. 

The Church is in the process of searching for a new Pastor. We have several people scheduled to preach, so don't miss a Sunday.

We want to pray for Pastor Mike and his wife, Cornise as they step out in faith where God is leading them to go to Mississippi for starting a new business and planting a new church.


We are so blessed that we had them here in our church as long as we did.


We welcome you to our services and no matter if you are visiting or looking for a church home we want you to be our guest. You see, we try not to view the first time attender as a "visitor". A visitor is someone who may come into your house unannounced and only moderately welcomed. A guest is someone we have invited into our house. Since we share the duties of this house as servants of our Lord and Savior, we welcome YOU!


Below is the vision for Alliance Bible Church. While it was laid upon us nearly three years ago, it has already come to fruition! We didn't have to wait until the year 2020. So what's next for us? Come and find out. Better yet, come and be a part of it and give the glory to God!


Our vision for Alliance Bible Church is:


“By 2020 we will be a multicultural, multi-generational body of believers moving to grow relationally with a loving, caring God and be a spring of His kingdom for a thirsting world."


Won't you join us?  We will continue to pray for those in our communities and for those of you who are still struggling to get it right.  We all are in that same struggle.  Hasn't you faith struggled long enough? May God bless you! 


Alliance Bible Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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