The Alliance Bible Church and her sister church The Road have merged to become one so as of November 8th, 2020 the Pastor is Pastor Sam Wright Here is a letter from Pastor Sam November 11, 2020 Dear Alliance Bible Church Family I know that the last nine months has been difficult, with losing Pastor Mike and then Covid hitting the country and the off and on shutdowns. Well whether you are currently attending or still sheltering in place or even moved on to somewhere else, I want you to know what is happening now. This last Sunday the Elder boards of both Alliance Bible and The Road Churches voted unanimously to merge the two churches together. I (Pastor Sam Wright) will be the pastor moving forward and we will meet in ABC’s facility. In order to move forward together we will be merging all of our governing documents and the new combined board of Elders will choose a new name from suggestions given to us from the congregation. The first Sunday that we will be meeting together will be Sunday November 22, 2020, at 10am. Now, that is the factual stuff, but I want to share with you what God has laid on my heart about His and our church. Jesus was talking to his disciples in Matthew 16 and he asked them who people said he was? The answers came back varied, from prophet, to teacher to Elisha, Jesus then asked who the disciples thought He was, Peter responded, that Jesus was the Messiah, the son of the living God. Jesus responded that God had revealed that truth to him and upon that truth Jesus would build his church and the gates of hell would not be able to stand against it. Jesus was saying that the church, you and I, are to be all about Him. And when we are all about Jesus the systems of this world and Hell will not be able to stop us from showing Jesus to those we come into contact with every day. As we move forward together as a church, we will be all about Jesus, not just on Sunday but every day. And as we are going through our days there is nothing that can stand up to us showing Jesus’ love to everyone we meet, not even the power of Hell. I don’t know about you but that is exciting to me. If that sounds exciting to you, going deeper to know and walk with Jesus, and then walking through your days with power from Jesus to love those around us and see their lives changed, I want to encourage you to join us as we move forward. You don’t have to commit, but I hope you will come and see what Jesus is going to do with this new church in a part of Tucson that desperately needs to have the gates of Hell broken down. I look forward to meeting you all and beginning to walk together.


Pastor Sam Wright


 We have a new Pastor. Here is a letter from Pastor Sam

Alliance Bible Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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