Mission Statement


Our Motto:


“The Little Church with the Big Heart!” This motto was blurted out by one of our members once and it ended up on the front door! It keeps us reminded that while we are a small church, we're still called to work in God's Kingdom...which is a never-ending job! And while doing this job, you'll never meet a more loving and kinder group of folks.


Our Theme:


“And He died for all...” (2Cor. 5:15) This Theme will take us through the rest of the year ever reminding us to place Him in front of everything else. Jesus didn't die just for those of us who are in the Church on Sundays. 

“That we become and continue to be a multicultural, multi-generational body of believers moving to grow relationally with a loving, caring God and be a spring of His kingdom for a thirsting world.”

Won't you join us? We will continue to pray for those in our communities and for those of you who are still struggling to get it right. We all are in that same struggle. Hasn't you faith struggled long enough? May God bless you!


Alliance Bible Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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