2018 marked the kickoff of our Capital Campaign. Our church was built a long time ago. We have restrooms that are not ADA compliant. It is our goal to make it happen.

Where we are at in this project as of 9/21/20. We have got some of the plumbing done that was needed before the pouring of the slab could be done. As of 9/19/20 we got the slab poured. As of 10/12/20 we have now got the new addition framed, and demo has begun on the old bathrooms. It is starting to come along nicely. Here is some pictures of the work so far. There is also some videos on our Facebook page. We will still need donations to complete our project.  To contribute to our project click on the give an offering button on this page or on the resource button and on line giving. That is for our church.

Thank You.

Alliance Bible Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

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